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We founded Universal Banks to set a new standard in investment management: curated, comprehensive, simple-to-use—and fit for you, with the belief that we all get ahead when nobody gets left behind. We are here for the millions of who’ve long been ignored — or even taken advantage of — by traditional banks. We are rewiring the banking system to make money more approachable and to give consumers a more accessible and sustainable path to their goals. We offer banking services that are delivered over the internet, giving you the ability to do some or all of your banking on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Universal Banks Setting the New Standard in Wealth Management

It’s time for banking system management to come out of the stone age. Universal Banks is a private wealth experience — fit for you. There are some investors that truly stand apart from the rest — iconic names, prescient thinkers, and prolific researchers. We make it our job to find those investment partners, and work with them to make their funds available to you. We partner with investment firms to lower barriers to investing in alternative asset classes (like private real estate, private credit, and more), while also selectively developing our own proprietary products to help meet our clients’ needs. But all of that means nothing if the right mix and weight of these strategies don’t help meet your goals. Being a universalbanks client means being treated with personalized, high-touch support and targeted investing guidance that revolves around your needs and preferences. And finally, in a time when online investing content and anonymous “advice” forums abound, universal banks is a place for you to ask questions and get answers, straight from those managing your money. We aim to reimagine investing — from the very products that are available, to the client experience from beginning to end. Some elements of our offering may be familiar only to the wealthy few such as access to blue-chip investment partners and the new asset classes enabling additional ways to diversify and manage risk.

Welcome to UniversalBanks, where the 99% can feel 100% about their future.

We offer investment expertise across all key asset classes, regions and markets so that our clients can capture investment potential wherever it arises. We’re fortunate to be backed by some of the world’s most sophisticated digital asset investors. With their support we’ve developed a digital asset trading platform that performs at the level the most demanding firms require. All of which is why we’ve been able to earn the trust of many of the largest global institutions as our clients.'

Businesses, communities and global economies rely on us because we prioritize client experience, collaboration, innovation and resilience. As the “bank of banks,” our unique perspective, informed by one of the largest datasets in the world, powers the financial industry. At UB, we understand the best way to succeed at anything is to Consider Everything.

Our Oath

Underpinning our four core values is UB’s 100% commitment to the Banking and Finance Oath.

The Banking and Finance Oath is an effort to re-assert the ethical foundation of the banking and finance industry beyond regulation and compliance, by broadening expectations and discussion to include ethics, integrity, honesty and trust.

We believe adhering to these ethics, combined with our values, will create brighter outcomes for our customers and the communities they serve. This is why each member of our team personally signs The Oath when joining Universal Banks.


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Our Values

Our Bank values drive our culture and support our purpose to become the world’s most trusted SME business bank.

  • Accountability

    We are a challenger personal/business bank determined to lead the way forward. We own our decisions, and we do what we say.

  • Performance

    We are building a strong bank delivering successful outcomes. We strive to make today better, stronger and more productive than yesterday.

  • Teamwork

    The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. A one-to-one relationship bank that works hand in hand with our customers.

  • Trust

    Trust is the foundation of our business and core to our relationships. We value trust above all else, without it we lose our purpose.

We power success across the financial world for individuals and institutions through unique insights, thinking and actions.

Keeping us close to our clients and ensuring first-hand insight into companies, industries and markets.

Our purpose, values and behaviors are the core of UBanks’s culture. We are committed to weaving these words into a dynamic story of growth.

Managing £386.3bn in assets on behalf of individuals, governments, pension funds, insurers, companies, charities and foundations across 80 countries. The combination of our research, thematic thinking, ESG best practice and extensive on-the-ground analysis helps us find the most sustainable future-fit investment opportunities globally.


Dedicated to delivering a better financial future for all, we courageously follow through with intentional action and pragmatism.


Creating a better future for all means acting with integrity and authenticity. That is why we believe in building integrity into everything that we do and communicating authentically.


Committed to elevating our technology to its highest performance, we’re driven to set industry benchmarks and establish the most useful real-world applications.


We believe in constantly innovating, finding new solutions that disrupt the system and progress our industry. We always build for tomorrow, to create a better financial future for all.

What our clients think

Testimonials feedback

  • Universal Banks gave us peace of mind that that they would be there for us when money was tight and we were right on the edge. Now we’re growing faster than ever.

    Robert Imeson Founder/CEO, Splash Wines Inc.

  • We have found everything we need with Universal Banks. Between their easy-to-use platform and attentive support team, Universal Banks has given us the opportunity to gain hours of time back from a previously labor-intensive system.

    Christina Badus Director of Professional Services, iDeploy LLC

  • I had opened an account 5 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds in Universal Banks. Their Deposit schemes plans are really helpful.

    Adam Gilly CTO, UYT

  • The is just awesome, best quality service ever I had. You can trust them and deposit your funds. Their Loan plans are really helpful

    Maria Ahsan Managing Director, YY

  • I had opened an account 3 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds in . Their Deposit schemes plans are really helpful

    Michel Johnson Founder of ZZ

  • Best quality service ever I had. The money transfer system is just awesome. The beneficiary listing system makes it quite efficient.

    John Smith CEO of CY

We Provide the Building Blocks for True Financial Institutional Management

Our team has designed and built financial systems for the largest financial institutions, while our advisors have held trading and technology leadership roles at some of the world’s most prominent asset management firms. With extensive experience on the vendor and client-side, we are intimately familiar with the requirements of both the buy side and service provider community from a technology, workflow, regulatory compliance and service perspective.

Our Culture

Our purpose, values and behaviors are the core of UB’s culture. We are committed to weaving these words into a dynamic story of growth.

Our Leadership

New ideas are born from new perspectives. The varied backgrounds of our leadership team ensure that our clients and the industry benefit from a wide array of insights.

Our People

Guided by values and behaviors focused on excellence, integrity, diversity and leadership, our global team brings unique perspectives, experiences and skills to pioneer a new generation of financial services.

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