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Our platform helps you execute, analyze and settle transactions with ease and efficiency, enabling you to focus on alpha capture knowing your infrastructure is up to the task.

Bringing together the breadth and depth of our expertise to meet your needs

Universal Banks Solutions seeks to deliver exceptional outcomes by drawing on the full range of investment, technology, operational, governance, legal, consultancy and research capabilities across the whole of Universal Banks.

We understand that major investors increasingly have needs that go beyond just financial returns. From pension funds needing to match income streams to liabilities, to insurance companies navigating regulatory capital constraints, to wealth managers wanting to digitise their client offerings, many organisations need expertise that can help deliver robust and multi-faceted outcomes.

Modern life is often complicated by an increasing number of moving pieces, and personal finance is no different. Particularly as you reach the peak earning years of your career and begin transition planning for retirement, a number of important decisions need to be made and elements aligned to maximize the likelihood of your financial success. Whether it’s monitoring your portfolio and its fund managers or keeping tabs on tax code changes and regulatory adjustments, at Universal Banks, we help remove the worry of your financial life by coordinating all of these moving parts.

Financial Planning

In an ideal world, good intentions alone would be enough to accomplish your financial goals. In reality it’s best to have a clear roadmap to keep you moving smartly towards your ambitions. That’s where good financial planning comes in. And there isn’t a single person out there who couldn’t benefit from clear strategic advice.

Whether you want to save for a near-term goal such as a house deposit or would like to discuss a portfolio of investments to make your money work harder, independent financial advice can save you both time and money. Let one of our advisors review your finances and create a personalised plan that will help you take control of your financial world.

Retirement Planning

You deserve a future that’s comfortable, fun and financially secure. Unfortunately that’s not something you can take for granted due to increasing life expectancy, state pension uncertainty and potentially costly care home fees. That’s why it’s important that you take proactive steps to ensure you have the money you need to see you through your retirement.

Perhaps you are at the start of your career and you are weighing up different pension options. Or you want to find out how you can supplement your pension with investments and assets that work harder for your financial future. Or maybe you are ready to retire and want to make sure you maximise your pension and investment pot in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Protection Advice

Nobody likes to think of the unexpected. But have you considered how you and your family would cope financially if illness or injury forced you off work, or if something worse were to happen? The good news is that putting a safety net in place is relatively easy and can be inexpensive to create. We can advise you on the options available to make sure you are able to cope financially if the worst happens.

Mortgage Advice

Choosing the right mortgage can save you thousands of pounds. That applies whether you are taking out a new mortgage or re-mortgaging. But finding the deal that best fits your circumstances isn’t easy. There are hundreds of different options, the market changes daily and the variables can be hard to compare. Yet your mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments of your life. It pays to get it right.

Equity Release

Equity release is about using your property to release a capital lump sum. That might be to supplement your pension, provide a living inheritance to your family, or to free up money for a large one-off expense. Releasing equity from your property is a big decision and there are some crucial things to consider. It’s important you get the right advice to make an informed decision with confidence.

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