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Corporate Governance

We believe that good corporate governance provides the foundation for a high-performing organisation, and by embedding good practices, we’ll preserve and strengthen stakeholder confidence and long-term value.

Sustainability of our customers

Throughout the pandemic, we developed and implemented customer hardship policies and we’re now working on new ways to support our customers to be more sustainable and resilient, now and into the future.

Financial Inclusion

All SMEs deserve to have access to financial services to help grow their business. We believe that we can help provide more financial inclusion in Australia through, and to, our SME community.

Join us for a greener future

As a more sustainable bank, we’re determined to do our part to fight climate change and protect the environment. To reach net zero, we’re working towards a one third reduction target in our carbon emissions by 2030 and committing to offset our emissions annually.

Making Lives Better

We believe that if we’re not making people’s lives better, we’re just making tech. So we use not only technology and artificial intelligence but also empathy and understanding to build personalized financial tools — including digital banking, cash advances, automated investing, credit building loans, budgeting and financial tracking and rewards. And it’s all accessible in our mobile banking website .

For Everyday Life

We designed our investment plans to be a financial toolkit for everyday life. You choose the tools you need, when you need them — and they complement the financial accounts you already have. We’ll help you decide what’s right for you, but the choice is always yours. Our investment plans offer low or no fees, and few barriers to entry. Accessibility is what we’re all about. There are no credit checks for cash advances and credit builder loans. Everyone is welcome.

Our Unique Culture

People and Culture

At UB, we’re proudly different. Our people and culture are key to our success, and to achieving our purpose of becoming most trusted presonal / SME business bank.

Our culture is foundational to our success and underpinned by our core values: Trust, Teamwork, Accountability and Performance. Our organisational architecture has been specifically designed to deliver on our purpose and we hand-select people who are passionate about supporting SMEs.

Our Approach

We help sovereign institutions navigate shifting dynamics that impact both their existing asset allocations and long-term investment strategies. Our global network and longstanding relationships allow us to identify relevant market trends and provide thoughtful, timely and innovative solutions.

  • Focus on Investment Opportunities and Performance

    By combining the depth of our expertise with the breadth of our platform, we aim to identify market opportunities and provide innovative solutions to help our clients reach their unique investment objectives. Our substantial scale and stability have made us a leader in this space for over 20 years.

  • Knowledge Transfer Across Leading Institutions

    We work with clients to provide insights on macroeconomic and market views as well as investment approaches. Our partnerships with leading banks allow us to share best practices and ideas across our global client base.

  • Access to Global Thought Leaders

    We offer central banks proprietary research and market insights in an ever-changing macro environment, convening the world’s experts and providing access to their thoughts on relevant global trends.

Personal Term Deposit

Term deposit investments usually carry short-term maturities ranging from one month to a few years and will have varying levels of required minimum deposits. The interest earned on a term deposit account is slightly higher than that paid on standard savings or interest-bearing checking accounts.

The increased rate is because access to the money is limited for the timeframe of the term deposit.
Term deposits are an extremely safe investment and are therefore very appealing to conservative, low-risk investors. The financial instruments are sold by banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions. Term deposits and other programs offered by UB are insured.

Here We Roar

The universal banks community is a diverse and inclusive group of doers and dreamers. They are banking, borrowing, and investing like never before. They are building and rebuilding their credit. And getting more from each dollar with rewards and budgeting. Together, they are taking control of their money, and they are finally able to dream big — even if they start small. Here everyone gets a GPS to their dreams.

Our work at universal banks centers upholds our three core values:


    We always put our customers first in everything we do.


    We embrace our global team and diversity of perspectives across technology, design, finance and business.


    Fast, focused, and tireless innovation is our edge.

Why Universal Banks


Purpose-built challenger

Challenging the status quo to give SMEs a fairer go when it comes to banking.


Focus on relationships

Banking as it used to be, Banking as it should be.


Built to say ‘yes’, faster

Purpose-built to make it easier for your business to get the funding you need, when you need it.

The Craft of Relationship Banking

Our relationship promise to all our customers is that you will deal directly with the decision-maker. We won’t just look at your credit scores, assets or security. Our experienced relationship bankers have the expertise to see and understand your business’s opportunities and potential. We will tailor judgement-based lending decisions to support, build and grow your business.

Grow Your Assets with Retail Investors

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in terms of retail's role in a historically institutionally-dominated investment landscape. With universal banks , you can access the retail market, effortlessly Retail capital is sticky, distributed, and growing fast. Retail investors now have access to more financial information, investment education, and trading tools than ever before.

Loyal Clients

Our client base remains invested with high retention due to our network of unique investment products, ongoing educational tools, and technology infrastructure. Our separately-managed account (SMA) platform is not reliant on any single investor. As a result, your AUM on universal banks can remain well-distributed with less concentration risk.

Growth Potential

Imagine seeing your firm's AUM base grow week over week as opposed to being limited to finite fundraising windows. “Continuous fundraising investment deposit can unlock your AUM growth potential.We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on investment management and withdraw your profits
Universal banks is both an SEC-registered investment digtal bank(RIA) and a registered broker-dealer and member of guc digtal banking system /gdbs, giving us the flexibility to partner in a variety of forms. Whether you're an existing crypto holder or asset manager, we can get your investment operation up and running.

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